About Us

The road to success is always being built, success is progress, not the end.

We, like all of you dear ones, know this and believe that the world is made by the thoughts of humanity and tomorrow will be what we think today and we believe that there will be hardships in every era.

Therefore, during these years, we have entrusted our main mission to support and guide businesses to help build a brighter tomorrow. We, like you, know that business conditions in today's complex world make it very difficult to walk this path, but it should not be forgotten that the more serious and difficult the obstacles, the greater the joy of success and progress. The future is for those businesses that take risks and accept change. Therefore, thanks to your constant support, the team of experts of International Trade Export Management Company with specialized advice and providing domestic and export trade services and training and development, will provide you with the tools to face the challenges ahead and will illuminate your path.


History of progress and development


Establishment of Amin International Trade Export Management Company with the aim of helping production and industrial units to solve the problem of selling products.


Forming a specialized team in the field of sales and marketing of medical equipment


Sales and marketing of food industry products and analysis of domestic markets and countries in the Persian Gulf.


Receive official licenses of export management company in the field of medical equipment and food.


Establishment of branches in Russia and India for marketing, sales and development of contracts in the field of medical equipment and food


Establishment of branches in Iraq and Qatar for marketing, sales and development of contracts in the field of medical equipment and food industry


Analysis and research of foreign markets and signing several contracts with organizations such as Industrial Estates Company and Chamber of Commerce

Mission Statement

Aala Trade International Export Management Company, relying on rich past experiences and with the approach of updating the information obtained in domestic and international markets and continuous analysis of the business environment and providing a variety of business services, consulting on export and import and distribution And the sale of goods creates value for the stakeholders.

The main mission of Aala trade International Company is to pay special attention to the different needs of customers by using experienced and specialized personnel and helping to promote the position of industries and improve their economic prosperity by providing consulting services, marketing and selling their products, importing goods required by companies. And organizations and the continuous development of the country's non-oil exports. We also aim to achieve and maintain a reputable global brand in business and value creation for domestic and foreign consumers with an interactive approach to satisfy stakeholders and earn appropriate revenue and profit for its shareholders and employees and to properly introduce Iranian goods to customers in markets. Is the goal.


Aala Trade International Export Management Company is a forward-looking, leading and leading group with the slogan of "Distinction, Credit and Superior Quality" in providing specialized consulting, marketing, sales and export services of products inside and outside the country and interaction. Widely known to other economic and social sectors of society.

As a transformational and trustworthy group, the company relies on the skills and capabilities of its employees, while adhering to its mission and plans, with a correct understanding of environmental opportunities and the needs of society and international needs, not only responds to environmental changes. It also plays an effective role in creating new opportunities. Aala International Trade Export Management Company, with the benefit of creative and innovative structure, responsible and efficient manpower to become an effective and customer-oriented organization on its horizon Has set.

Honors and memberships

International Export Management Company has gained many honors during its years of activity by being a member of Kerman Chamber of Commerce, Trade Development Organization, Export Consultant of Kerman Industrial Towns Company, membership in the Export Confederation of Iran and cooperation with various groups.