Golshan pistachio

Pistachio is one of the most important and stable members of Iranian nuts, the amount of potassium of which is equal to the potassium of orange with this small body, and it is very important due to its nutrients.

Kerman province is one of the main centers of pistachio production in Iran. Four types of pistachios are produced in Iran: Hazelnut, Koleghoochi, Akbari and Ahmad Aghaei.

Pistachios can be eaten raw or dried as a fruit. To give a better taste to this fruit, they fry it with water and salt to prepare salted pistachios. Pistachios are recommended for athletes, students, adolescents, especially during growth, and for pregnant and lactating women, because they contain suitable nutrients along with vitamins and are high in calories. If pistachios are consumed for a long time, we can hope for improvements in sleep pressure, vascular response to anxiety and control of heart pressure.

Golshan pistachio is currently exported to Iraq, Qatar, Malaysia, the Republic of Azerbaijan, Russia, Dubai, Oman, Afghanistan, etc. For more information and to order online, please contact the following numbers. Due to the spread of the Corona virus and the well-being of our compatriots, sending it all over Iran is free of charge.

00983434255171    00983434252484    09131910274



Production process in Golshan pistachio

In the production process of Golshan pistachio, first all pistachios are checked for quality and tested for physical contamination. Once approved, they are transferred to the sort line (pistachio separation without any hand intervention) and, using an ozone generator, aflatoxin (a poison produced by fungi called Aspergillus produced on nuts), the corona virus. And other contaminants of sorted pistachios are removed and after quality confirmation, they enter special tanks for washing, and after this process, the tanks in which there is a permissible amount of natural lemon juice, salt and water are placed, and then Enters the advanced and automatic process of indirect roasting heat (Golshan pistachio salt type is industrial salt, which is completely different from the traditional salt method) and enters the packaging line directly without any manual intervention, and then all packages. They are disinfected by ozone gas. Crispness, hygienic environment and special packaging are the prominent features of Golshan pistachio. Golshan Pistachio Company is the first company to be able to produce pistachios without any contamination from Corona virus.

Why Golshan pistachio?

  • Select healthy pistachios before entering the factory (initial test)
  • Existence of quality control before production and final quality control
  • Zero aflatoxin level due to the use of mechanized and up-to-date health systems in the world without manual intervention
  • Proper packaging and crispness
  • No contamination of pistachios and packaging
  • Prevent pistachio rot by producing vacuum can packaging
  • High quality and fresh pistachios with a unique taste

Golshan pistachio products

Number in carton weight (g) Packing type Pistachio type
50 20 Cellophane salted Ahmad Aghaei pistachio
50 25
50 35
50 48
50 55
50 75
40 80
40 100
6 180 cans with pilaf lid
6 320
10 400 gift boxes
----------- ----------- Bulk pistachios
----------- ----------- Pistachio kernels