To enter the market of different countries, you must have complete information about the market of that country, the laws related to that country, the state of competition and so on.

To enter the field of export successfully, one must be acquainted with a certain field or class, know the market well, know the tastes of the market, identify the wholesalers and buyers of that product, know how long the goods are to be exported. When, at what price and in what quantity it is sold.

In fact, export requires very careful analysis, and the trader must have a thorough knowledge of the goods he intends to export.

Benefits of Export Market Analysis

  • Avoid risk of useless costs
  • Choosing the right export destination country
  • Identify the performance of competitors in the target country
  • Access to the database of potential customers

Our services in export market analysis

  • Market knowledge (culturology, climatic conditions, political, economic conditions, etc.)
  • Check customs laws, import and shipping tariffs
  • Target country market needs assessment
  • Competitive Analysis According to the analysis description
  • Customer analysis according to the description of the analysis
  • Product analysis according to the description of the analysis
  • Consumer analysis according to the analysis description
  • Gather a list of potential customers

Before any export action, a country must be selected to export the product.

There may be different criteria for selecting the target country. Of course, instead of one country, several countries may be considered. There are several criteria to consider when choosing an export destination. Some of these criteria are related to the country in question and others may be related to the export product. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing an export destination country.

Tips to consider when choosing a target country

  • To what extent does the country in question have a good political and economic relationship with our country?
  • The most important import needs of that country and the production situation of the desired product in that country.
  • Recognize the demographic, geographical and social characteristics of that country.
  • Geographical distance of Iran from the destination country and study of communication routes.
  • What is the situation of Iran's exports and imports with the target country?
  • What are the export statistics of the product in question to that country?
  • Export and import status of the desired goods in Iran and the country
  • Take a look at the rules and business tariffs of the destination country

After answering the above 8 questions, you will definitely have a better view of exporting the product. The country you have chosen may not be a good country to export Iranian products to at all. The conditions of political and security tensions between the two countries may cause the cost and risk of exporting goods there to be very high.

When a company decides to export, it must plan an export strategy.

Developing a plan is a major issue for any business. The program determines where the company is going and how to reach the destination. A marketing plan usually means choosing a market and deciding on the type of product, price and policies related to the promotion and distribution of that product that should be done by the company.

In fact, a company's export marketing plan is its work plan to compete in export markets. A specific export plan represents a single purpose for which the company's employees can adjust their activities. An export marketing plan is also needed to implement a strategy. Therefore, developing an export marketing plan is a step-by-step guide to implementing the strategy. Achieving the needs of the target market of the desired product is possible through negotiations with buyers, participation in international exhibitions and etc,

In fact, the goal is to identify the best business opportunities and growth directions. To evaluate the company's opportunities in potential markets, we can use items such as: the company's export customers, competing goods, market structure and competing suppliers.

Proper planning and having a proper strategy for exports is essential that in the absence of such a plan, the company will not be able to continue profitable export activities.

Benefits of Export Marketing Program

  • Having operational instructions
  • Accurate knowledge of the needs of the target market
  • Identify appropriate strategies for that market
  • Coverage of potential risks
  • Customer identification

Export marketing plan Services

  • Market size and trends in previous years and future forecasts
  • Market segmentation
  • Estimate market share and sales
  • Customers and their segmentation
  • Customer relationship methods
  • Marketing strategies for (product, price, advertising, sales method)
  • Distribution channels
  • Laws affecting the market of the target country on the desired product

What is an export sales plan?

The process of developing an export sales plan is a practical way to predict sales. Determining profit targets based on profit and the steps of writing a plan to increase sales. Developing a sales plan is the process of organizing the activities that are necessary to achieve the company's goals. Developing a sales plan includes a strategic document that identifies and determines the company's goals and various resources. This process, by providing a general direction for a company's sales department, realizes the leadership position and improves the performance of the sales department by a certain percentage in a certain period of time.

This process identifies short-term and long-term sales plans for the team and helps to implement these plans, and then creates a framework of goals to accurately measure this process. The sales plan is a general planning process whose goal is to balance supply and demand at a general level.

Results of using the sales program

  • Balancing supply and demand
  • Improve the strategic direction of the company
  • Creating a sustainable competitive advantage for the company
  • Matching supply and demand programs
  • Development of new products
  • Review market trends
  • Identify market opportunities

Our Sale Plan development Services

  • Determining the company's share of the target market
  • Sales targeting (market share)
  • Implement sales strategies according to market research and marketing plan
  • Customer route design
  • Special sales value
  • Connect with current customers
  • Collaborate with strategic competitors
  • Advertising program