Although business is complex in itself, it is always possible to get started with the help of an experienced person. Hence the use of export and import consulting services is a suggestion that can greatly help people in this way. You have probably had questions about how to export goods to different countries and things like that. But because you did not have specific information in this regard, you stopped doing it after a while. Although trade and commerce are complex in themselves, you can gradually enter the field with the help of the experience of export consultants. Using the experience of an export consultant can help you along the way.

Our export consulting services

  • Execution method of exporting goods
  • Analysis of export markets
  • Shipping costs
  • How to clear goods at customs
  • How to market in countries of origin
  • Billing and insurance matters

Export feasibility determines the conditions and position of exports and trade in the target market and evaluates potential risks, and based on the results obtained from these monitoring, designs solutions to overcome these risks and Offers. Export feasibility is a suitable tool for identifying the target export market and determining export strategies that strengthen and improve communication between the parties to the transaction. Depending on the type of product, export feasibility is very diverse. In general, it can be said that export feasibility offers methods that can be used to import a product with maximum profitability and productivity. International markets. On the other hand, the feasibility of exports reduces the cost of exporting goods or services to a minimum.

Export Feasibility Form

Results of the use of export feasibility

  • Improving the business situation
  • Company self-assessment
  • Develop how to work with other companies
  • Compatibility with management tools
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase profitability and productivity

Services of Export Trade Management Company in the field of export feasibility

  • Assess the target country market
  • Product analysis in terms of being exportable
  • Analysis of competitors in the target country
  • Product laws in the target country
  • Identify the basic needs to enter the market
  • External environment analysis