Aala International Trade Export Management Company, in order to develop the human capital of domestic and foreign commercial forces of companies to be exploited in their work projects and other business partners (partners) announces its readiness to consult and hold training courses for those interested in this field.

Companies and individuals can send a letter requesting the course to emc@aalaemc.com or WhatsApp 00989393665880 for initial evaluation and readiness to hold these courses at the company or in public.

As soon as the above request letter is received, the relevant experts will carry out the necessary investigations and will inform the esteemed applicant about the next steps.


  • How to start your new business? (Running a business)
  • Commercialization of micro-products
  • Complications and feasibility of sales
  • How to better understand the domestic market for sales? (Domestic market analysis)
  • Principles and formulation of marketing plan
  • Principles and development of sales plan
  • Introduction to exports and review of export readiness
  • How to prepare our products for export (export training)
  • To which countries should we export (selecting the target country and export feasibility)
  • Export markets analysis
  • External marketing program (methods of estimating the target market and consumption, methods of presence and relationship with the customer in the target countries)
  • Foreign sales program training
  • Principles of International Sales and Negotiation
  • Ways and methods of export marketing of products and services
  • Correspondence and Negotiation Techniques in International Trade

What is a complication diagnosis?

Diagnosis is the same as your organization or company examination. As your body from time to time is faced with internal and external changes with diseases and the functioning of your body system is problematic, and you certainly take action to solve the problem and find the cause of the disease and the problem by performing various tests and all You make an effort to solve that problem. Now the question is, isn't your organization or company a living thing? Is it possible that the life or death of the creature you are creating does not matter to you? Definitely not. So you also believe that your organization or company needs a doctor to examine you. Scheduled periodic checkups that are identified and removed before the cause of the problem becomes cancerous and kills your organization. Therefore, diagnostics is exactly what you need to do to save your organization. Therefore, diagnostics is to identify the problems of the organization, analyze them and provide solutions to solve them in the organization.

Why Diagnosis