Which companies need sales feasibility?

If you are a business owner who already has a product or products offered in the market and decides to add a new product to the production line or change the product structure or update the packaging, etc., but there are ambiguities in You have the case for the main components and the consequences of setting it up, indicating that you need consultants to plan the feasibility and review its implementation.

How does sales forecast help your company?

Feasibility and sales forecasting and creating a specific sales plan can help you deal with unforeseen labor, production management and financial issues. Feasibility studies and sales forecasting are essential tools for managing any business of any size. With the help of this information, you can quickly identify problems and opportunities and take the necessary actions. An accurate sales plan will enable you to spend more time developing your business instead of responding to sales changes in the market.

For which companies will the sales feasibility study be done?

  • Manufacturing companies that want to add a product to their product portfolio
  • Companies that intend to set up a factory or production
  • Companies that intend to import a product to Iran
  • Startup companies that intend to start a service or business
  • Knowledge-based companies that want to feasibility of selling their product in the market

What is sales feasibility?

Sales feasibility describes the success or failure of an idea in sales. If the sales feasibility indicates the possibility of a sales failure, you can use your capital for another better opportunity. But sometimes before the feasibility study, marketing and sales consultation and advice will be needed.

Before launching a new product or service, a feasibility study is necessary to determine market needs. Analysis of existing competitors and examination of all environmental factors are performed to ensure whether the company is able to compete in the market. Saturated markets are not always bad. Having multiple competitors shows that there is money in that industry. Feasibility studies, however, may show that your company does not have the resources to compete, so you focus on a smaller market.

Components of your company's sales feasibility plan?

A description of the industry in which your company operates - Review of the current market of your business - Predicted market potential - Potential buyers and its forecast

To receive the feasibility study service, complete and send the relevant form

Is sales feasibility also done for start-ups?

Certainly. Even if your business is old in its field of work, the team of experts of Ala Tejarat Company will compare the sales trends of previous years, the amount and repetition of the volume of customers' purchases, etc., and the executive feasibility plan will be announced.

The benefits of sales feasibility?

  • Avoid making expensive mistakes (production and investment)
  • Reduce production and investment costs
  • Identify customers and the overall market demand of the product
  • Basic knowledge of competitors and industry and measuring their strength against competitors
  • Answering sales and marketing questions
  • Determine how to plan to cope with competitors
  • Identify potential customers

Services of Export Trade Export Management Company in the field of product sales feasibility?

In developing a sales feasibility plan, we will help you to more accurately identify the current industry and market, forecast and estimate market potentials, competitors, sales forecasts, potential buyers, potential problems and solutions, and more. . Therefore, for initial checks, announce your request in the Contact Us section.

Sales feasibility prerequisites for your business

If you have not yet had complications and marketing and sales advice for your company and company products, the team of experts of Alla Tejarat Amin International Company offers you to perform initial actions and interviews before examining the feasibility of sales. Market analysis will also be an essential step in these steps.

  • Initial market needs assessment
  • Product and company analysis
  • Preliminary analysis of competitors
  • Identify the target community (customers)
  • External environment analysis
  • Product testing in the target market
  • Is the product marketable in terms of price, quality, etc.?
  • Changes that must be made to the product to be able to sell it

Which companies need marketing and sales consulting?

It does not matter if your business is traditional, or you own an online business, or if your business life is short or long. It is enough for you, like the team of Alla Tejarat, to believe that the world has changed and the traditional methods of business management have also changed, and it is very clear that selling is the beating heart of any business. In this way, a strong sales unit in any company can ensure the balance of income and expenses and maximum profit in any situation, whether boom or recession. Sales and marketing are two complementary activities that are the main and driving members of any business company and the weakness and inability of each to do things, the organization or company turns into a disabled being who not only can not survive but also the ability It will also lose competition with competitors.

Do I have to use marketing and sales advice?

Yes, you must use it! Although you may be one of those people who is fundamentally opposed to consulting in any field, including business and marketing, you may be wondering where to get marketing and sales consulting, or Tell yourself that the size of my business is so small that you basically do not need a consultant or that you believe that your business was started from scratch and that this type of consulting is not applicable to it, but in today's business world, there are reasons Which has proved otherwise by the claims. So join us.

Common Mistakes and Mistakes in Marketing and Sales Consulting

Many of us think that marketing and sales consulting is only for large companies with such revenues, or that using these services is just an advertising show and so-called today to classify and show the modernity of corporate management thinking. Your background is definitely more important to us than advice. But once you have a successful and profitable experience of having an experienced consultant, you may change your mind about consulting services. If you are still not sure about this issue, why not contact our marketing and sales consulting team of Ala Tejarat through the contact department to answer your questions?

Alatjart team services in the field of marketing consulting in Iran

  • Market research advice
  • Help develop products and services according to market needs and customer feedback
  • Advice on determining competitive pricing for products
  • Marketing training for unit employees

After marketing strategies, the marketing and sales team of Alatjart Company examines sales techniques and determines its weaknesses and replaces them with correct and appropriate methods to the organization's culture and sales policies.

Why should companies do market analysis?

Entering the business world and staying in this world has its own complexities and it is not possible to go to sea and build a business like in the past without having knowledge and a plan. Because in the absence of the necessary knowledge, the inevitable fate of that business is failure and destruction. This is why emerging businesses and even existing businesses need to focus on concepts such as market analysis in marketing to maintain and develop their market. In fact, if a business does not know its target market well and does not focus enough on the needs of its target community and does not do targeted advertising on this market segment, in fact, it has wasted its time and money on useless work.

What is market analysis?

Market analysis is a vague and difficult concept for most people, but it is the main part of formulating business strategies without which providing reliable services or products with optimal growth potential will be almost impossible.

Market analysis means the analysis of information about the business and the target market as well as competitors in the market. In fact, market analysis is a complete assessment of market conditions and existing and potential customers as well as competitors in the market, which leads to the correct formulation of the marketing plan and even updating the products, including services and products of the company. Because by doing this, we can better understand the wishes of customers and improve the way we interact with them.

Are other measures necessary before market analysis?

Doing good market analysis is a very valuable step. This will help you discover your blind spots and prepare to compete with other businesses. Most importantly, it helps you understand and get to know your customers so you can offer them the best products and services possible. However, before conducting a market analysis, it will be necessary to diagnose complications to improve the infrastructure. Marketing and sales consulting also facilitates the development of a market analysis plan.

What will be the results of market analysis for your business?

Market analysis (market research / market analysis) is actually a type of evaluation that allows you to check whether the specific market you are looking for is right for your industry. Have your potential customers been identified and their buying habits identified? What is the purchasing power of your customers? Who are your competitors in the market?

What are the benefits of internal market analysis for your company?

  • Better understanding of the market and customers
  • Ability to identify risks arising from operating in that market
  • Identify the needs of the domestic market of the desired product
  • Identify competitors and the strategies they use

What companies need a marketing plan?

A marketing plan is necessary for all companies that have customers to whom they offer their products or services. Developing and implementing a marketing plan helps these companies measure the gap between customer needs and customer demand and the best strategy to reduce Or eliminate this gap. Therefore, the marketing plan annually specifies the activities to be performed by the marketing team.

Why is it so important to have a marketing plan?

Having a marketing plan is essential for your business for several reasons. At first glance, unfortunately, in Iran, marketing plans are rarely developed by managers of organizations, and the sailing system is largely used, and decisions are made according to economic, social and political conditions, which can lead to damage. Be irreparable on the business of these organizations. Secondly, most companies see the whole market as a target market and target the audience, and the result is nothing but a waste of capital and budget for marketing. Finally, because they did not have a goal and division of tasks was not done at the end of the year. Managers do not know what to measure and how to know if they have achieved their goals.

Of course, it should be noted that some companies need infrastructure such as sales force training, marketing unit diagnostics, market analysis, etc. before developing a marketing plan. For this, you can announce the need in the contact us section so that our experts can contact you as soon as possible.

What is a marketing plan? (Marketing plan)

A marketing plan is a comprehensive plan, with the aim of describing the current state of the company in the market and referring to the marketing strategy, in the long and medium term, which is formulated and implemented for them according to the structure, size and market of each business.

Benefits of Having a Marketing Plan

  • Have operational instructions
  • Coordinating activities with goals
  • Balancing resources and opportunities ahead
  • Ability to evaluate performance
  • Increase strengths, reduce weaknesses and threats, and welcome opportunities
  • Minimize the risks leading to failure
  • Minimize organizational resistance by having information and plans

Why is having a sales plan necessary for any business?

If your company is not successful in sales and you always complain about it, if every time you as a CEO or sales manager are asked about unsuccessful sales and the deterioration of market conditions and recession, etc. Your answer is very simple, and there are thousands of other reasons why you hide behind these interpretations and analyzes.

You do not have a sales plan ... A beautiful sentence that says that if you do not have a plan (plan) and goal, any wind, wind agrees to the need to have a plan in everything, especially the sales plan, which is the main path to profitability and survival of your company. Slowly

What signs inform the company of the need for a sales plan?

If you see a deviation or decline in your company's sales process, if the number of your customers has decreased, if competitors have succeeded in getting to your company's target market, if your product returns are high, ...... and thousands of other signs. All this seems to indicate that there is a problem that, if not resolved sooner, will lead to a catastrophe. The reason for any of the above events can be the end of the product life, improper introduction of the product to the market, wrong choice of target market, lack of training and sales force planning and .... This is why you need an expert team to investigate sales mistakes and deviations and set up a plan to continue. Aala Tejarat's expert team will be ready to help you achieve your company's goals.

What is a sales plan and what does it do?

The sales plan includes an effective process to achieve the annual sales goals of the business, which is set annually. Aalatjart Company, in addition to developing your sales plan, monitors the implementation of the plan until the sales goals are achieved.

Developing and Implementing a Sales Plan Answer What questions for your business?

In short, the sales plan answers your key questions in your business. Questions such as:

  • Who or what are the sellers? (Sales force training)
  • How much of the product should be sold in an annual plan? (Sales targeting and market share identification)
  • Who is the customer or buyer? (Measuring market demand and consumption - what needs lead to demand and purchase?)
  • How much money or capital do we need? (Designing the sales structure and estimating the working capital required)
  • How to sell? (Designing sales strategies and customer path, cooperation with competitors, advertising, etc.)

What is a complication diagnosis?

Diagnosis is the same as your organization or company examination. As your body from time to time is faced with internal and external changes with diseases and the functioning of your body system is problematic, and you certainly take action to solve the problem and find the cause of the disease and the problem by performing various tests and all You make an effort to solve that problem. Now the question is, isn't your organization or company a living thing? Is it possible that the life or death of the creature you are creating does not matter to you? Definitely not. So you also believe that your organization or company needs a doctor to examine you. Scheduled periodic checkups that are identified and removed before the cause of the problem becomes cancerous and kills your organization. Therefore, diagnostics is exactly what you need to do to save your organization. Therefore, diagnostics is to identify the problems of the organization, analyze them and provide solutions to solve them in the organization.

Why Diagnosis